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23rd-24th August 2003
Varano de' Melegari Autodrome (Parma) - Italy

organized by

main sponsor
BMW Motorrad Italia
with the participation of



This year's European women bikers' gathering, now at its 3rd edition, will once again take place at Varano de' Melegari (Parma), 23rd-24th August. This event confirms itself as a landmark happening in the panorama of female motorcycling.
Organized by - the Italian female motorcyclists website - this year's event will once again be supported by the precious collaboration of BMW Motorrad Italia (our main sponsor), with Lottomatica also coming in as a new sponsor, and we are hoping to attract yet many more as the project reaches higher definition.

This is THE meeting for women of all ages, from around Europe (or even around the world) with in common one great hobby: motorcycles. This is a fiesta of colours, sounds and engines for 2 whole days, dedicated just to us!
There will be a wide variety of opportunities to live motorcycling the way you like it, in all its different aspects: from speed to enduro, from travel to technique, all in a fun and relaxed context- the main ingredient of passion on two wheels!

To take part, all you need is to be a woman and to love bikes!

Last year's very successful courses and workshops will of course be repeated:

  • Beginners' driving courses will be held in the equipped paddock area, using a a F650 Scarver, and are intended for those participants who have never driven a motorcycle, under the supervision and tutoring of Guidare Pilotare.
  • Advanced driving courses to coach intermediate level motorcyclists with theory sessions and practical tryouts, with hands-on exercises in the paddock area and on track with instructors of Guidare Pilotare.
  • Free track sessions for the more expert pilots, under the attentive supervision of the BMW instructors who will offer their theoretical feedback to help improve your technique.
  • Introductory all-terrain courses will take place on the specific off-road area of the autodrome and offer the girls a primary approach to all-terrain driving, using BMW F650 GS bikes with the help of Motociclismo instructors.There will also be a whole range of BMW bikes available for on-the-road tryouts.
  • Maintenance and technical courses conducted by BMW mechanical experts intermittently in the box area, will focus on enriching one's technical knowledge: how to cope with a sudden technical failure or fault, clean the spark plugs, go about changing the lubricants, lubricate the chain, check the dampers, the fluids, repair a puncture, etc.
  • "My motorcycle" workshop will tackle how to choose a bike, adapt it to suit one's personal requirements (seat, handlebar, pedal adjustments), how to fine tune it to best suit your needs (city use, track use or travelling, etc.)
  • "Travel" workshop how to prepare your motorcycle for a long trip, what to check before setting out, do's and don't's about luggage, advice and tips by veteran travellers.
  • "Motorcycle and health" workshop get to know the most common medical problems that occur to motorcyclists, learn how to prevent and cure them; build your little first aid box to take with you on trips, what to do and what not to whilst waiting for the ambulance.
  • There will be a beautiful touristic itinerary to take the girls along the foot of the Apenines, in stunning natural surroundings.
  • Saturday evening festa time in the paddock of the autodrome! There will be a dinner, music and prizes.

This year's new features are:

  • Minimoto tryouts made available for the ladies, and also for their children. A special area to cater for children, with the possibility for them to check out minibikes, and a "Children and motorcycle" workshop: how to carry your little ones on your motorbike, where to find the appropriate gear for them, how and when to introduce your children to this hobby, when to start teaching them how to handle a bike, how to get yourselves organized for the weekend, for biking holidays, etc.
  • A "Safety on the road" course will be held by a Federation representative: active and passive safety measures, things to look out for whilst driving, accidents, new street code rules.
  • Last but not least, an event dedicated to those girls who wish to approach the world of racing: a SuperpolE will be organized for all those throttle thirsty gals, to check out how many girls there are in Italy who would like to transform this hobby into a sport.

The boxes will be available for those girls who wish to spend the night in their sleeping bags beside the speedway next to their bikes, on Friday and Saturday night.












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